News concerning the Android app

As most of you already know, we have been planning to release smartphone apps containing content from different organizations of the Olydorf for a long time. We are happy to announce that in the last few months we have made great progress in implementing both the server-side application as well as the Android version of the app! For the app’s first version, it will serve basic information and up-to-date news from the OlyNet and certain establishments belonging to the Studenten im Olympiazentrum e.V. (e.g. the Bierstube). Furthermore, it will contain the current menu of the Bierstube (including the daily meal) as well as a list of daily meals for the remaining month. Additional features (e.g. other establishments, events, …) will continuously be added in the future.

The beta version of the OlydorfApp for Android will likely be released towards the end of the semester break (i.e. in september). Please note that this date can be pushed back if we run into unforseen problems. If you are interested in helping with this first test run, please send us a non-binding email at and include the address of your Google account. The latter is necessary for us to be able to grant you access to the test version of the app after its release within the Play Store.

We are, of course, also planning to release an app for iOS. There is, however, no schedule for it, yet. If you want to change that and help us develop the app, please contact us in one of our consultation hours or send an email to

Happy new year and happy new hardware

Innenansicht IBM x3650 M3

The team of OlyNet would like to wish you all a happy new year 2016 even though we already are a bit late for that. We just wanted to present some good news with our wishes and thus we waited until now. Continue reading “Happy new year and happy new hardware” »

Revision of our infrastructure


You may have seen this page in the last few days and weeks:

Cluster Problems

It’s annoying, I know. Sadly this was not completely avoidable, as we were working on improving our webpage as well as our whole server infrastructure. This means that you no longer have to wait for a few seconds for our webpage to load! To go into more detail, we have changed quite a bit. For starters, we moved from using PHP FastCGI to PHP-FPM. This nearly halfed the server-side generation of webpages. Furthermore we updated (almost) all of our machines operating system from Debian 7 to the new Debian 8. It not only has a newer and faster system kernel but also a bunch of updated software like the webserver we now use (Apache 2.4) which is also much faster. This upgrade didn’t come without its own set of problems – which is why you saw the error message displayed above. You might, by the way, see this message again tomorrow, as we will have a coding session throughtout the whole day, where we will also work on our infrastructure again. If you are interested in this, feel free to swing by our office tomorrow!

We also have a lot of new content on our website. On the Team page you can see all the people which are currently working in the OlyNet. On our Projects page you can now find information for our second big project: the print service. And you will also find new information in our resident’s area. Due to the restructuring of our webpage, we sadly generated some dead links. We will work on fixing those in the next few days.


Maybe you have also noticed that there is now a small green symbol in your browser’s address bar when you are visiting one of our websites. This is because we have enabled HTTPS on all of them. This means that all data that is transmitted between you and our website is now encrypted with modern cryptographic algorithms. We are using a technique called Perfect Forward Secrecy, for example, which will protect your data even in the case of our private keys being compromised. This has been possible because the DFN association has supplied us with certificates. This migration may, however, cause some problems with outdated webbrowsers (I’m looking at you, Internet Explorer on Windows XP…). To fix this, you just have to install a modern webbrowser like Firefox, for example, which we generally recommend anyone, as outdated webbrowsers (and operation systems) are the number one cause for malware infection.

“Why is it still not possible to see if my dryer finished on my smartphone?”

Fair question, since we have announced this cool feature quite some time ago and are still intensively working on it.

The simple answer is: we are facing way more problems than expected. Unfortunately, we made some mistakes in the schematics of our circuits and they need to be solved to get them running.

All updated information can be found in our article describing the laundry project, so check out what exactly is not running!

We will keep you updated of course so come back to our website regularly.

2014: a small look back

The year 2014 has been a very busy one for us. We founded a registered association, build a completely new server infrastructure from scratch and brought back the preconfigured routers. For the next year, we plan to work on making your life in the olympic village even more enjoyable! Some projects we are already working on or are planing to start are:

  • Laundry Surveillance: we made a lot of progress in the last weeks. We expect to be able to start a testing phase soon.
  • Printservice: we are currently working on a platform where you can print your lecture slides, your thesis or anything else you might want for a very low price.
  • Gameserver: we are already running a Teamspeak 3 server and want to ofter you real gameservers starting in the beginning of 2015. One of the first ones you can expect is a Minecraft server!
  • LAN Party: after establishing our gaming infrastructure we want to put it to the test by hosting a LAN party in the olympic village at the beginning of the summer semester.

Of course we are always open to new ideas. Just send us an email to! You want to join us? Just let us know!


The whole OlyNet team wishes you a merry christmas and a happy new year!