Top Minecraft Servers


Hello Olympic Village!

Maybe you’ve heard already: we now have a Minecraft server!

It is open to use for anybody that has a Minecraft account. To be able to play, you just have to send a short email containing your full name and Minecraft account name to olynet. This is necessary because we are using a whitelist policy.


Server information:

We are running Minecraft with mods. You will need to download the Direwolf20 pack in the FTB Launcher. A short how-to:

1. Download the FTB Launcher.

2. Using the FTB Launcher download the Direwolf20 1.7.10 pack (Recommended Version).

3. Change the RAM setting to at least 4GB.

4. (Optional) If you want a texture pack we recommend Soartex.

5. After starting it from the launcher, enter the address olynet.eu to connect to our server.

Have fun playing 😉