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News concerning the Android app

As most of you already know, we have been planning to release smartphone apps containing content from different organizations of the Olydorf for a long time. We are happy to announce that in the last few months we have made

Revision of our infrastructure


You may have seen this page in the last few days and weeks: It’s annoying, I know. Sadly this was not completely avoidable, as we were working on improving our webpage as well as our whole server infrastructure. This means

2014: a small look back

The year 2014 has been a very busy one for us. We founded a registered association, build a completely new server infrastructure from scratch and brought back the preconfigured routers. For the next year, we plan to work on making your

Routers are back in stock!

We finally got our new load of routers delivered. Thus, we are now happy to offer you our pre-configured devices again. Come to our next consultation hour, if you are interested in having WiFi in your appartment. But hurry, they

OlyNet e.V. – your IT support in the olympic village “OlyDorf”

After the network administration group of the dorm in the olympic village has decided to found an association in order to better support students with their IT problems and ideas for projects, a variety of problems had to be faced