Author: Simon

Newbie in our server cluster

May I introduce: *drum roll*…. Our newest server member is a nice little 1U machine manufactured by HP, a ProLiant SE316M1. This third VM host adds to our web cluster and will host various virtual machines, for instance a third

Happy new year and happy new hardware

Innenansicht IBM x3650 M3

The team of OlyNet would like to wish you all a happy new year 2016 even though we already are a bit late for that. We just wanted to present some good news with our wishes and thus we waited

“Why is it still not possible to see if my dryer finished on my smartphone?”

Fair question, since we have announced this cool feature quite some time ago and are still intensively working on it. The simple answer is: we are facing way more problems than expected. Unfortunately, we made some mistakes in the schematics