News concerning the Android app

As most of you already know, we have been planning to release smartphone apps containing content from different organizations of the Olydorf for a long time. We are happy to announce that in the last few months we have made great progress in implementing both the server-side application as well as the Android version of the app! For the app’s first version, it will serve basic information and up-to-date news from the OlyNet and certain establishments belonging to the Studenten im Olympiazentrum e.V. (e.g. the Bierstube). Furthermore, it will contain the current menu of the Bierstube (including the daily meal) as well as a list of daily meals for the remaining month. Additional features (e.g. other establishments, events, …) will continuously be added in the future.

The beta version of the OlydorfApp for Android will likely be released towards the end of the semester break (i.e. in september). Please note that this date can be pushed back if we run into unforseen problems. If you are interested in helping with this first test run, please send us a non-binding email at and include the address of your Google account. The latter is necessary for us to be able to grant you access to the test version of the app after its release within the Play Store.

We are, of course, also planning to release an app for iOS. There is, however, no schedule for it, yet. If you want to change that and help us develop the app, please contact us in one of our consultation hours or send an email to