Happy new year and happy new hardware

The team of OlyNet would like to wish you all a happy new year 2016 even though we already are a bit late for that. We just wanted to present some good news with our wishes and thus we waited until now.At our last plenary meeting we voted for a budget for 2016 that earmarks plenty of new hardware for us. In order to start as soon as possible with the expansion of our infrastructure and integration of the new equipment, we have placed the order at the end of 2015. At the beginning of this year, we then finally got our hands on the new stuff.

So we bought a new virtual machine host which is going to be really fast that will run the VMs of our cluster with the highest priorities. In this context, we also started to list our hardware here on our website, if you are interested. The new machine is an IBM x3650 M3.

Since we could not afford to buy more than one server at once, we simply upgraded our weakest machine. Our old storage server only hat 32bit CPUs and was long preventing us from setting up a distributed file system (we would like to try Ceph). With a new mainboard, potent CPUs and a bunch of RAM we really got a memory node strong enough to implement the new setup.

Storage server with updates

Inner view of our first storage server with upgrades.

We will be getting even more hardware in the next couple of weeks (new client machines among others). So we will have quite a lot of work ahead of us. If you are interested in helping us, just get in touch with us and help us setting up our new stuff. We are always looking forward to new members!