LaTeX support

Are you writing your thesis, homework or similar in LaTeX? We at OlyNet e.V. are now also offering LaTeX-Support: just write us your question and we’ll help you solve it. You can contact us through facebook or by mailing us your questions to”.

3D Printer

OlyNet now has its’ own 3D printer!

Further details on the printer and our 3D printer projects will follow soon..

WLAN security gap KRACK

A vulnerability affecting all wireless networks was discovered recently. The vulnerability was found in the encryption protocol WPA2, which is the standard encryption protocol used in wireless LAN networks. This is also why this vulnerabilty affects almost any WLAN device (Smartphones, IoT-Devices, Laptops, Personal Computers, etc.) and operating system (iOS, Windows, Linux, Android, etc.). The vulnerability enables a third person to read the wireless communication in plain text, although this communication appears to be encrypted. This implies: unless you are using other security mechanisms (such as HTTPS or VPN while surfing), your data transmitted through a WLAN network may be intercepted and read by a third person.


The manufacturers are currently working on security patches for their systems. It is of utmost importance to check for these updates and install them. Many devices are configured to check for these updates automatically.


We recommend:

– Check for security updates and/or make sure that these are being installed automatically
– If updates were installed, reboot your device
– Use a VPN if you are transferring sensitive data
– When transmitting sensitive data through your browser make sure that your connection is encrypted by additional means (“Https” or the lock icon appear in your address bar)
– However, do *NOT* change the WLAN encryption to an older standard such as WPA oder WEP as these are insecure.

If you have questions or issues please do not hesitate to contact us during our opening hours or per e-mail.

New router price

Due to lower purchase prices we can now offer you fully-equipped routers for the new price of 30 Euro, starting this new academic term Fall 2017/18.


Just come and visit us during our consulting hours!

Newbie in our server cluster

May I introduce: *drum roll*….

Our newest server member is a nice little 1U machine manufactured by HP, a ProLiant SE316M1. This third VM host adds to our web cluster and will host various virtual machines, for instance a third database machine.

When we will incorporate the server into our rack, we are planning a major rebuild and restructuring of the rack and all components. We also want to set the course for our infrastructure to handle all the load and be more reliable in the future.

Especially our OlydorfApp, which will reach a beta phase in the upcoming weeks, will benefit from this update. Since OlyNet is a non-profit organization run by students only, there is not a lot of money for new infrastructure or hardware. That’s why we decided a while ago that we will utilize refurbished hardware, which we can afford. But as these systems show a higher risk of failing, we are trying to build redundancies everywhere.

Some day, we will describe the environment composing our web cluster in more detail in a separate article. Until then, you may already experience our infrastructure by using our app.